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We founded Munitz & Co. to chase our dream of showing entrepreneurs how to fly towards theirs!

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Shmulie & Mushky Munitz, the co-owners of Munitz & Co. LLC smiling at the camera.

Our Purpose

Our mission is to bring entrepreneurs dreams to life.

Entrepreneurs are the driving force of progress and innovation, relentlessly chasing dreams and inspiring others. They make the world a better place through bolder ideas and actions.

Our dream is to un-burden taxes, so you can reach yours!

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Our Foundation

Everything we do is built upon these core beliefs about the world, business, and what it means to serve - to put our needs aside for a purpose greater than ourselves.

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Partnership & Trust

Our service is more than transactional. We want to build a strong relationship with you, predicated on trust, transparency, and a genuine desire for you to reach your dreams successfully.

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Education & Choice

Educated clients are the best clients. We never make decisions for our clients. Knowledge is power, and we always give you the choice, and the insight you need to see the coins from all sides.

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Impact & Vision

You are out there changing the world. Being a force for good, and building a legacy. We have a mission to serve entrepreneurs and enable them to bring their dreams to the world. Our mission is to see your vison through.

Shmulie & Mushky Munitz, the co-owners of Munitz & Co. LLC smiling at the camera.

Meet the Founders

With a passion for entrepreneurship and taxes, Shmulie & Mushky Munitz are the driving force behind Munitz & Co.

Mushky, a seasoned CPA with a specialty in taxes, brings her passion and insight to every engagement. Her expertise ensures that our clients get the knowledge they need to save thousands in taxes and make informed financial decisions.

Shmulie brings a wealth of experience in branding and marketing to the table. His creativity and knack for out-of-the-box thinking is at the heart of our approach.


Our clients say it best!

“It's been a pleasure working with Munitz & co. They are very knowledgeable and take the time to answer questions and explain things thoroughly. Working with them had made filing taxes a breeze.”

Chaya K.
Business Owner

“Best CPA in town!!! Super responsive and knows her stuff super well!!!!“

Nahum L.

“Extremely diligent and efficient!”

Menachem S.
Business Owner

“Very responsive and efficient!“

Rochy K.
Director at Chabad
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